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West Coast Notes

Sushi, Anyone?
So, word is out that the Diamondbacks have made an offer to Japanese free agent pitcher Hiroki Kuroda.
 AZ Snakepit has the scoop here. I wonder if this is a serious offer or a "Dice-K Not A Chance In ****" offer?

Barry "vs U.S." Bonds
This is the only article I’ve read about the Bonds indictment that I thought was worth sharing. It was originally posted over at The Harball Times, and I came across it via Baseball Musings.

Barry Bonds – A guide to help you cut through the noise

Artful Dodger
There once was a doctor named Charlie
Who traded in ‘wicked’ for ‘gnarly’
He left ‘Sweet Caroline’
And the Murphys behind
With hopes to make Dodger fans jolly

Dr. Charles Steinberg is leaving the Red Sox asexecutive VP for public affairs to accept a top front-office position
with the Los Angeles Dodgers. In Boston, Steinberg specialized in marketing and improving the fan experience at Fenway Park.

I had the privilege of meeting Dr. Charles briefly in 2005 and got a peek at his World Series ring. Sorry, Charlie! The next NL West team to wear a championship ring plays its home games in Phoenix. 🙂

In Hollywood they call it ‘good casting’
The Dodgers filled another coaching position by naming Rodney McCray to the staff. McCray has only 14 career big league at bats but was the outfield and baserunning coordinator for Cincinnati when his new
boss and current Dodgers vice president of Minor Leagues DeJon Watson
was a scout with the Reds.

McCray is best known for a play he made in 1991 for Triple-A Vancouver when he crashed through the plywood fence at Portland’s Civic Stadium.


This seems like an obvious choice given his new title – ‘roving baserunning and outfield coach’ and the fact that the Dodgers are notorious for hitting the wall after the All Star break.

Happy Holidays, fellow baseball fans! Try to lay off the high heat and remember that sometimes a walk is as good as a hit.