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California Dreamin’

Streets_2There is no outrage in "America’s Finest City" or dancing in the Streets of
San Francisco
. That should about sum it up, but you didn’t really think we’d stop there, did you?

Okay, we admit it’s not as sexy as Johnny Damon
leaving the Red Sox for the
Yankees, but you’d think there would be some buzz about a Division
Champion losing their long time manager to a Division Rival. Truth is
it’s difficult to get revved up about anything in the NL West these

Bruce Bochy is taking his big head to San Francisco. He is also taking hisT1_bochy_ap_01_3
.494 winning percentage
with him. 
No matter how many
times we are reminded that he has won more than twice as many games as any other manager in Padres history we should keep in mind that it’s largely due to the fact that he managed there for TWELVE seasons while San Diego’s next longest tenured manager, **** Williams, was at the helm for only four. This is a good move for Bochy as he is staying in the NL West where mediocrity has become the norm for the past few years, but I thought the Giants might have wanted to do better.


Boy, I thought I’d never say something like that, but I
just got back from
a few days in LaLa Land. Any athlete that
that can play in a place like that and not be distracted by all theOct_20_2006_181_5 "scenery" deserves a hat tip in my book. It must be difficult to wake
up every morning and practice your slider when you
could be walking on the beach.