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Happy Halloweenie

Sausages102806_2You can’t say the Brewers’ marketing department doesn’t have a sense of humor. They are sending the Sausages out this Halloween in, uh, costume to distribute game tickets. I guess that would be a treat unless you don’t like baseball in which case it might be considered a trick. Those franks can be real brats. They knock each other down at the races so they can’t possibly ketchup. I’ve heard the Italian brat is wurst, and the Frankfurter just can’t cut the mustard. Hot dog! I’m on a roll. Wouldn’t it be great to dress up as Randall Simon, answer the doorbell and find a sausage standing there? I mean what are the chances? I relish the thought. Hot Link. (no bun intended)

And finally, what is Halloween
without a flying bat? BOO.