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Thanks to a come from behind victory, inactivity from the Padres and Giants, and an 0-3 performance along with a misplay on a fly ball from Luis Gonzalez, (oh, and some guy named Ben Sheets), the Diamondbacks are in first place tonight!

Eric Byrnes was the big man today, but I’ll let some other blog give you all the details on that. Papa Grande pitched well to get the save, striking out the side in the bottom of the 9th after being squeezed by home plate umpire Tim McClelland and giving up a leadoff double to Todd Helton.


Elsewhere around the league, presidential candidate Rudolph Giuliani traded in his evening gown
and patent leather pumps for black and white Yankee attire while Senator John McCain chose to skip Arizona’s opening game in order to complete a shopping trip for Persian rugs. The Italian Sausage was victorious in the first race of the year at Milwaukee. I hear he won by a distance of about two links.

That’s a wrap!



Esotsm_6Suddenly the color change all makes sense to me. While reading the Arizona Republic today I experienced a moment of blissful enlightenment.

Since the departure of the free-spending Jerry Colangelo, the erstwhile
managing general partner who was ousted in a sea of red ink in 2004,
the Diamondbacks have operated on a responsible financial budget.

Time to see if the Tweener Backs can live up to expectations. Good luck to everyone and their favorite teams! Let’s PLAY BALL!