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Sports Programming Is So Very Fascist

I’m watching the NCAA tournament tonight in Phoenix, and my
local DirecTV CBS station is not broadcasting in HD. I am getting the UCLA game
in standard definition. Fortunately, I have the DTV March Madness package and
can get the game in HD there. Go figure. 

What I want to watch is the Arizona/WVa  game. The HD telecast is available on the
local CBS HD station IF you have an off-air antenna or cable. But I don’t.  I can get it on the local SDTV CBS station on DTV,
but the HD telecast is blacked out on my DTV March Madness package. If I pay $35
a day to watch college basketball, why can’t I watch the games I want?

I can’t wait for MLB Extra Innings to come along this year and finish robbing me blind.