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I’d Rather Be Me Than You Right Now

I’ll admit to being nervous about this series before it started, but after sweeping the Colorado Rockies’ “Championship Weekend” I can say: At this moment, I’d rather be a Diamondbacks fan than a Rockies fan.

I’d rather have our offense. Rather have our defense. Rather have our starting pitching, our bullpen and, yes, even rather have our shortstop. I’d rather have our record, our manager, our ballpark and our weather; and I’d rather have fans who may get a little intense at times but at least know that if you’re going to boo then you boo the players who have hurt your chances with their bat instead of those who have hurt your feelings with their words.

And I know we had our nosed rubbed in it all weekend (trophy on Friday, banner on Saturday, rings on Sunday) and that Colorado was thinking we were wishing we were them, but I’d rather have our six year old World Series Championship banner than their brand spanking new 2nd place one because this is a new season when your accomplishments of last year fade with the first pitch and everyone starts asking “But what have you done for me lately?”

Yeah. I’d rather have our history than theirs; but more importantly, I’d rather have our present.