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Who’s On First?

Hot new rumor from the Boston Herald:

"..the A’s and D-Backs have had constructive talks about a deal whichwould send Dan Haren to Arizona and Conor Jackson and Carlos Gonzalez
along with two more players to Oakland."

That would mean Chad Tracy, who is recovering from knee surgery and may or may not be ready to go by spring, is the full time first baseman next year. Bring back Tony Clark and I like this deal.

We’ll see if this one has "legs". Earlier reports had the A’s asking for 3 blue chippers in exchange for Haren.

Nick Piecoro says "not so fast":

"I’m being told that Jackson wasn’t included in the offer. Not sure who was – and I’m not sure if  Jackson wasn’t in it because the Diamondbacks didn’t want to trade him or because the A’s weren’t interested. 

But if it’s Gonzalez and three others, you have to
assume that those three others are going to be young major leaguers or
highly regarded prospects such as Brett Anderson, Brooks Brown, etc."


D-Backs Pull Trigger, Use Silencer

OutAlas, all that remains of my (some say pipe) dream of Erik Bedard standing on the
mound in Sedona red is the chalk outline of a left handed pitcher; and with the trade today of
Carlos Quentin to the Chicago
White Sox for 21 year old first base prospect Chris Carter, is the window
opportunity closing for the D-Backs chances of acquiring other quality starters as well?

In this morning’s East Valley Tribune, Jack Magruder listed
four possible trade partners for the Diamondbacks in their off season quest for
a starting pitcher: Baltimore (Erik Bedard), Chicago White Sox (Jose Contreras,
John Danks, Gavin Floyd, Gio Gonzalez and Lance Broadway), LA Angels (Ervin
Santana, Joe Saunders and/or Dustin Moseley) and Oakland (Dan Haren and Joe

The story out of Baltimore early this morning was that six teams have apparently contacted the Orioles about Bedard (the
Yankees, Mets, Mariners, Angels, Dodgers, and Diamondbacks). That number will most surely increase now that Bedard has made it official that he will not be signing a contract extension. The Mets made an offer for Bedard which included Lastings Milledge before he
was traded to the Nationals but were turned down. The Dodgers reportedly have already discussed offering a
package that would include Matt Kemp.

Regarding Dan Haren, Jayson Stark says : “If you believe the
scuttlebutt, he (A’s GM Billy Beane) asked the Yankees for two of their big three — Hughes, Joba
Chamberlain and Ian Kennedy — plus at least one more player. Same with the Red
Sox, who supposedly were asked for two of their three usual suspects —
Buchholz, Lester and Ellsbury — plus more. The Mets reportedly were asked for
both Carlos Gomez and Fernando Martinez. Etc., etc.” That’s pretty steep.

It doesn’t look like the D-Backs
have enough rounds left in the chamber to go after big guns Bedard, Haren and
Blanton; and if they were going to make a deal with the White Sox for a pitcher you’d think they would have done it in the trade this morning for Quentin. The D-Backs have been asked about Miguel Montero and Emilio Bonifacio,
according to league sources, but would have to be wowed to give up
either, especially Bonifacio, a second baseman with the best speed in
the organization who is expected to start the 2008 season at Triple-A and seems to be the heir apparent in the post Orlando Hudson era. That leaves us with the Ervin Santana rumor we’ve been hearing about since the
end of the post season, but any trade with the Angels will be
predicated by what happens in their pursuit of Miguel Cabrera.

Arizona has already said that Mark Reynolds, Stephen Drew, Chris Young and Justin Upton are off limits. Conor Jackson is probably untouchable as well now that Chad Tracy’s return from knee surgery has incurred a setback and Tony Clark appears to be slipping away. It looks like unless Arizona is willing to give up a Valverde and/or Hudson this year we may no longer be in the market for one of those coveted starters our young talent was supposed to have a chance of bringing us. Heck, maybe we never were. In any case, what’s left? Anyone got any ideas?


According to MLB Trade Rumors, "Carter was recently ranked Chicago’s
4th best prospect
by Baseball Prospectus’ Kevin Goldstein, and their best position player prospect.
The 21 year-old first baseman will try his hand at High A in 2008.
Goldstein calls him a "true slugger with tremendous strength and power to
all fields," while noting that he is poor defensively even at first base." (Oh great, just what we need. Another first baseman that’s not very good

Jeff Passan has his take on the trade HERE.

Quentin for Garza?

Gosh, this time of year is so much fun! The man who gave you the Delmon Young for Matt Garza rumor, Charley Waters of the Pioneer Press (subscription required), has a new one to add to the mill: right-handed pitcher Matt Garza to the Arizona Diamondbacks for outfielder Carlos Quentin.

According to USA Today: "Garza, 23, was 5-7 in 15 starts with the Twins last year and posted a 3.69 ERA. The Twins previously passed on dealing Garza for the likes of AlfonsoSoriano, but new general manager Bill Smith has made it clear that he’s
hunting for impact bats after the team struggled to score runs in 2007.
Garza projects as a potential No. 2 starter, has yet to turn 24 years
old and has a 4.47 ERA in 133 career innings  so he’s likely to be a popular trade target."

UPDATE: And yet, the Young for Garza rumor just won’t die.
Twins Close To Landing Delmon Young
I say good for the Twins. I think Young is a much better player than Quentin.

Buster Olney thinks Quentin may end up in Oakland in a deal for either Dan Haren or Joe Blanton.