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Red Dawn

ByrnesHey! Who re-did the place while I was out? Smells like new paint.

You know, somebody should tell MLB that the blue in their logo looks a little like purple on the monitor. 😉


Common Tater?

Brewsutton_story1I’ve been trying to come up with something interesting and thoughtful to post about the Diamondbacks’ latest signing, ace announcer Daron
. I’ve learned he is a former Brewers’ bat boy,  replaced Matt Vasgersian in Milwaukee when Vasgersian left for the San Diego gig, and uses the word "certainly" a lot. This article on
azsnakepit.com pretty much says anything I could and says it way better, too.

probably watched some Brewer telecasts with Sutton doing play-by-play but  don’t recall anything memorable coming from
the booth. That really doesn’t mean anything, but a low-key style might be a welcome change. A poll  by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel seems to indicate he was well liked by people who read The Sentinel online and respond to polls.

I’m a Jack Buck hack having grown up listening to Cardinal games on KMOX radio, and will forever unjustly compare every other broadcaster to him. I was certain Greg Schulte would be a real yawner in the baseball booth, but I probably enjoy listening to him as much as anyone these days (aside from the really cool drinking game you can play during Schulte broadcasts involving the word "here"). All this really means is that, par for the course, I know nothing about which I speak; and style is a matter of individual preference.

Sutton describes the youth and energy in the Diamondbacks organization like this: "…it’s magnetic. It pulls you here." Hmm…it might be a long 10, 20, 30 years. We’ll see.0606phils3_2

Congratulations to Orlando Hudson who won his second consecutive Gold Glove and becomes the sixth infielder in history to win Gold Glove

awards in each league. The Dbacks can sign this guy now or sign him later, and with all the young players on this team it might behoove them to pick one or two building blocks for the future.

The Diamondbacks have expressed interest in free agent  Mark Mulder. NO.

As the frenzy continues for the Dbacks in this young off-season building up to the crème de la crème, can someone tell me again when we get to see the new uniforms? The holiday shopping season is approaching fast.

Does This Shirt Make Me Look Phat?

Ugh_3 Diamondbacks president Derrick Hall announced that ticket prices next year on 86% of the seats in Chase Field will be the same or less. Ironically, that is the same phrase being used to describe the prospects for the 2007 season. Likewise curiously absent from the news are the details: seemingly
unimportant things like how much, which tickets and “what we plan on doing with
the extra money we are making on the other 14% in order to turn this into a winning team”.
What I’d really like
to know is how much I am going to have to fork over to watch
a bunch of exciting young players lose ballgames before I put down my $100 deposit.

In a shrewd marketing ploy seeking to whip the fans into a
buying frenzy,
Pila05_money Hall spoke about the new uniforms, which seem to be the biggest
acquisition we can expect, and reassured those jittery fans
who are worried the boys won’t look good in them. Expect more of the same this off season where the focus will remain on style rather than substance in
order to prepare the faithful for  the oncoming brutal truth. It is
what it is: a group of very talented, young ballplayers who may be fun to watch
at times but will continue to learn on the job while seeking to avoid the proverbial sophomore jinx. Any individual or team
achievements can be considered a bonus (complements of the front office). At least we’ll all LOOK mahvelous!

"You’ve got to see what color it is," he said.
"I couldn’t envision it, but once you see it you’re going to be impressed.
Regardless of age or gender (of the fans), they’re going to be appealing,"
he said.

I wonder if he can envision a #2 starter.